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About Me...

Hi, all!

I’m OKIKIOLU Olanrewaju and I’m a Medical Doctor, practising in Lagos Nigeria.

I hail from Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria and I come from a family of eight.

Dr. Okikiolu

Foreign languages interest me, and when I’m not navel-deep in hospital work, I spend time teaching French among other things.

French language is my major hobby and it’s a kind of therapy for me: it helps to keep me within the albeit narrow confines of sanity. Believe me, sanity really does have narrow confines. There are higher crime and suicide rates these days than before.

The high stress level in the world today isn’t helping much either...

One Problem:

We found from experience that more than half of our emergency cases actually get to hospital late, most times because they or their carers did not know that they were seriously ill in the first place!


This is just one of the many reasons for the high death-rates in some hospitals the world over…

The average man on the street in Lagos, and indeed in many other cities has not had his blood pressure nor blood sugar levels checked in years! And more, he has barely heard of hypertension before!

An American physician once lamented that his people were not being enlightened enough on health matters. Believe me again, it is far worse in Nigeria and many other countries!

Honestly Ask Yourself…

Can you in clear and simple terms describe diabetes, hypertension or stroke to a neighbour if he or she asks you to?

Or what if you find yourself in this kind of medical emergency at home or work? Your first response would be…?

We Created This Blog To:

Educate; Enlighten; Empower…

…and indeed, Entertain our readers by presenting you with medical knowledge and related issues in a creative, engaging and readable manner; and bringing you info on specific medical topics that you’ve always wanted to know about.

Our “What Exactly?” Series is taking off soon and will explain specific medical conditions in clear non-medical language.

This is the beginning of an exciting, fulfilling relationship for us.

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