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Erectile Dysfunction!

"I'm Not In The Mood...!"I know a few guys who have at least contemplated suicide because of this medical condition. Some people call it Impotence.

I asked an older friend of mine to write me an article on this problem and this is what he gave me! I’ve decided not to edit it extensively because, I must confess, I really am impressed by his writing.

What if I told you that he’s not a doctor? Well, here it is:



Dear Son,

When a man wakes up in the morning, one thing that rises to greet him is his “morning glory”, you know…his erect penis. It is however not strange to find that some men do not experience it. It gets worse: some of these folks are unable to have or sustain a penile erection long enough to have successful sex!

For many guys, nothing could be more devastating than this. How could he call himself a man when his manhood is no longer “manly”?

This was the case for Babajide, an old friend and well known socialite who discovered after a party that he could not even begin to have, not to talk of maintain an erection for sex. He decided to confide in another friend who introduced him to some alcoholic herbal concoctions. The drinks worked initially, but he noticed that he required higher and higher doses each time, till they did not work any longer. Jide was soon afterwards diagnosed with Acute Kidney injury and Toxic Hepatitis, all thanks to the herbals overdose!

This dealt a severe blow to his mind.

Please be guided: as a man grows older, his sexual performance begins to reduce till a particular age when he cannot have any erection. It’s normal, and we call it ageingand some of you doctors don’t even know this!


Erectile dysfunction…

Is the inability of an adult male to achieve or sustain penile erection long enough to have sexual intercourse.

It could be caused by oh, so many things, but broadly speaking, there are three culprits:


Psychological causes; Organic causes and Pharmacological (Drug) causes.

In a case where you still experience your morning glory, the erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological causes. It’s all in your head, boy! You can blame stress (of any kind) and anxiety for this. Your erection can be killed by merely worrying whether you can have a good erection!

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction include: atherosclerosis; diabetes; multiple sclerosis; pelvic fractures; genital region injury and some other hormone problems. I think your doctor should find these out and explain them to you. I can’t!

Drug causes include estrogen medications and some drugs used for treating heart diseases, psychiatric conditions and hypertension. Yes, there’s also alcohol and heroin.


Who gets Erectile Dysfunction?

People at risk of developing erectile dysfunction include: obese men; guys with inactive lifestyles-those you like to call couch potatoes; substance abusers; alcohol abusers, and smokers.


I Can’t Get It On! What Can I Do?

Aerobics. Exercise for at least 15 minutes a day, three times a week. Start with simple stuff and build up on this.

Stop alcohol. Just stop!

I agree that smoking has its own benefits, but great sex is not one of them. In fact, smoking kills sex! Discuss the situation with your doctor.

Have a talk with your doctor. By the way, let her know of any medication you have taken or are currently using.

So there, son! You asked for it, and here it is. I hope you don’t have this erectile dysfunction thing too?

Cheers, Lanre,

Your father-in-knowledge.


(Special thanks to Dr. Femi Ajagun of the Lagos State University College of Medicine for dredging up this letter!)

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